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  • Reclaim your absolute balance!

    At the Premium Wellness Institute Rehabilitation Clinic we have invested in high-end physiotherapeutic lines of equipment for diagnosis, therapy (treatment) and prevention (prophylaxis), so you can regain your health and mobility in outstanding conditions.

  • Commit mind, body and soul!

    In an ambiance imbued with light and vitality, in conditions that satisfy all demands, with excellent equipment and personal trainers, your fitness sessions will become means to recharge and unwind.

  • Savour and refinement!

    Our attention to detail can be observed in the quality of our exquisite dishes, in the expert services we offer, but also in the very special atmosphere and interior design of the venue. A refreshing combination of modernism and refinement invites you to recharge and unwind at the Premium Wellness Institute Restaurant.

  • Game on!

    At Premium Wellness Institute you can enjoy your favourite sports throughout the year, regardless of the season. Our complex sporting grounds and the facilities provided adhere to the most rigorous of standards, so you can harness and achieve your full athletic potential.